Dear Joshua,

Last year, you were diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. 

Today it is early February in 2020 and our family is adjusting to a new (quite shit) normal. We are all learning how to live with leukaemia; the hurricane that blasted through our lives in November.

The first few months were so acute, that writing down what was happening just wasn’t possible. But now the dust has settled a bit, there are many lovely friends and family (some near, and some far away) who are all asking about your progress. I want to be able to update them without sending fifty thousand slightly similar WhatsApp messages.

And you. This is for you. One day, when (hopefully) you are beyond 2 years old, you may want to know what happened in more detail than just “yeah, you got really ill”. Your consultant has assured us that you will not remember this experience. We however, will be properly grey in a few months time. 

There is likely to be a large dollop of me writing this for myself; as a mother trying to process what the hell is happening to her spirited little boy. So much has already gone by in a whirlwind that I can barely recall it all. I don’t want to forget. There may be swearing (but you are still definitely not allowed to copy that).

Some friends have also asked about where to give charitable donations. Firstly, you are receiving treatment at the Bristol Children’s Hospital. It is a regional centre of excellence that provides care to children throughout the southwest. If anyone wants to donate to this, please go to grandappeal.org.uk.